Water forms the body of a beer, since it constitutes more than 90% of it’s volume. And the water the Rothaus brewery uses is sourced from seven natural springs, filtered by sandstone and Palaeozoic granite. It’s natural purity and softness (1.5° dH) means it requires no treating whatsoever, although it is constantly monitored to ensure it remains utterly uncontaminated, and exceeds the highest water purity standards.

The Malt determines colour and taste, and is often referred to as the soul of the beer. The Rothaus brewery sources their malt from the region of Baden-Württemberg, where it’s been grown using the same organic methods for many decades. The Barley used to make the malt is formed from two summer varieties, that produce different enzymes during the brewing process, converting the starches into sugars and subtly modifying the beer’s flavour.

The Hops imbue the beer with its aroma and tartness, and like the malt are grown locally using small scale organic farming methods. A blend of the Hallertau and Tettnang hops are used in Rothaus beer, both are Aromatic Hops which have a low yield but great flavours and grown in regions with a long history of excellent Hop production.

Often called the spirit of the beer, the Rothaus brewery uses two types of 100% organic Yeast. A bio-cultured bottom-fermenting Yeast for the Pils and Märzen Export, and a bio-cultured top-fermenting Yeast for the wheat beer, which is kept in an active and energetically vital state.

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