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How can I arrange a tasting session?
Simply get in touch via our contact page, and we'll bring the full range of Rothaus beers to your establishment, and serve them at the perfect temperature.

What's the minimum order?
Our minimum order is 5 cases or 2 barrels, or a combination of the two (e.g. 1 barrel and 3 cases). Non-trade orders are referred to our retail partner The Beer Boutique.

What's the difference between Rothaus Pils and Rothaus Tannenzäpfle?
The only difference is the size of the bottle. 330ml bottles are called Zäpfle, otherwise the 500ml bottles, kegs and barrels are called by it's generic name, Pils.

Why are there Pine cones on the label?
Tannenzäpfle translates as 'Little fir cone' and is the Red Fir Pine cone which is predominant in the area of the brewery.

Who is the woman on the label?
The lovely Baden-Württemberg woman depicted on the label is called 'Birgit Kraft'. In Alemannisch, the local German dialect where the brewery is situated, Birgit translates into 'Beer is good'. Her surname 'Kraft' means strength, and when added to her first name it translates into 'Beer is good and gives strength'.

What Hops are used in Rothaus beers?
There are two types of Hops used in the production of Rothaus beers. The Tettnang Hop, and the Hallertau Hop. Both are aroma Hops with a lower yield but a higher aroma quality and bitterness. It is the balance of these Hops which creates the different characters in the beers, and is a closely guarded secret. Many breweries utilise cheaper bitter hops, but these produce less flavorsome beers.

I'm a vegan, are Rothaus beers vegan friendly?
Yes, Rothaus beers are 100% animal and fish free, and suitable for vegan drinkers.

Can I drink Rothaus beer if I have a Wheat/Gluten allergy?
Some people may have issues with the Wheat beer, which has a 100mg per Litre Gluten content. But the Pils and Märzen contain less than 5mg Gluten per Litre, and are classified as Gluten-free. It is best to check how severe your allergy is before drinking the beers.

What is the pefect temperature to serve Rothaus beers?
Between 5°C and 7°C (or 41°F and 45°F).

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