The Black Forest is one of the most unspoilt and beautiful regions of Germany, and the Rothaus Brewery has policies in place to ensure it stays that way.

Ingredients are sustainable and organic, and every process that makes Rothaus beers is eco-friendly, with recycling a key element:

Only the highest grade glass is used in their bottles, and each bottle can be recycled up to 40 times.
The labels on the bottles contain no metallic pigment, and are fixed in place using an organic milk-based glue.
The foil protecting the bottle tops is pressed into place and not glued, to promote recycling, and ensure hygenic standards for drinking directly from the bottle.

Energy consumption is significantly lower than any other brewery of its size. This is achieved by:

Converting the heat produced by cooling the Wort into electricity.
Utilising a steam power plant which releases only neutral carbon dioxide.

It does not end there:

The dregs of the mashing process are recycled into animal fodder, and used as a base material in the pharmacological industry.
Rothaus also recovers 99.9% of its waste water, purifying it on-site to a standard fit for bathing. And the gradient differential between the water purification plant and the brewery is also used to produce hydro-electricity.
Even their suppliers are encouraged to deliver all raw materials using only reusable containers.
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