At the heart of the Rothaus Brewery is The Mashhouse where the brewing process begins. The Grist (crushed malt) and hops are added to heated spring water inside copper mash tuns, in a process known as Mashing; during this process natural enzymes within the malt break down the starch into dextrins and then into fermentable sugars such as maltose.

Lautering takes place after the Mashing, the liquid is strained through the false bottoms of the Mash Tuns and the resulting liquid, known as Wort, is then fed into a tank called a Copper where it is boiled with more hops to add flavour, aroma and tartness; the boiling process stops any further enzymatic processes while precipitating proteins, isomerising Hop resins and concentrating and sterilising the Wort. At the end of the boil the hopped Wort settles and clarifies in a vessel called a whirlpool where it is brought down to the ideal fermentation temperature (8 degrees Celsius, except for the wheat beer which is 14 degrees Celsius) before the yeast is added.

The Wort is allowed to ferment for seven days (except the Wheat beer which only takes 4-5 days) where the sugars won from the malt are metabolised into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Finally the brew is transferred to large storage tanks for a minimum of four weeks, and maintained at a temperature of no less than -2 °C for the lagers, and no greater than 14 °C for the wheat beer, where it's left to slowly mature in deep granite caverns in a process known as Lagering. After a light filtration (except for the wheat beer which is unfiltered) to produce a clear, golden appearance, the beer is then quality checked, and once approved packaged.

From the start of the brewing process until it's packaged, the beer runs through 700 Kilometres of pipework, where it's kept in an oxygen-free environment to preserve it's flavour and purity, until it's ready for drinking.

The Brewmaster overseas the whole process ensuring that traditional recipes are followed to the letter whilst maintaining the most stringent microbiological cleanliness.

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